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The Work Capacity Class is Conditioning at it’s FINEST with odd objects and calisthenics. The "weapons" of choice in these classes are Brute Force Sandbags, dumbbells, TRX Suspension Straps, slam balls, Concept 2 Row Machines, climbing ropes, battle ropes, and more. We challenge you to reach your threshold and break through it. Your “work capacity” is tested and improved with these classes. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced exercise enthusiast, this class will challenge you and your overall cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance WILL improve!

The Strength Specific Class is for building strength using several different barbells, bands, and other training apparatuses that are incorporated within several different sports and different training methods. There will be a few different training templates presented with each session. There will be a template for Olympic Weightlifting, and a template for physique, toning, and bodybuilding. Furthermore, if there are other styles of training you are interested in learning (Strongman, Kettlebell Sport, etc.), you need to but simply ask! These classes present you with a great opportunity to be coached to work on form, technique, and movement. There will always be a 10-15 minute segment presented at the end of the session for some conditioning, and high intensity interval training. If you want to learn how to use the Suples Fit Bulgarian Bag, Suples Fit Fit Ball, kettlebell, strongman log, or climb a rope, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and take the time to learn and receive proper one-on-one instruction. These classes will further develop your conditioning and assist you in your Work Capacity classes as well.

Our Hybrid Class is ONLY offered on the weekends and it is a combination of our Strength Specificity Class along with our Work Capacity Class. The entire gym will be used and the class is cut in half. Half of the class will be a strength focus, and half of the class will be a conditioning focus. All training apparatuses are used in these classes, and it is easily our most popular class!

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