Walden Wildcat Lunch 2020
Parent Survey 2020
Thank you for your feedback!
Is Walden's Wildcat Lunch meeting your expectations?
Have you had to contact Kiddos with a complaint about Wildcat Lunch?
What was your reason for contacting Kiddos?
Did Kiddos responded quickly and satisfactorily? Please explain.
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What are your child's favorite Vendors
What are your child's LEAST favorite Vendors
Please provide feedback regarding PORTION SIZES. If you feel Portion Sizes are NOT appropriate, please provide Vendor/meal information. PLEASE be specific so we can make changes.
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Are you aware at Check Out that there are 2 payment options? There is an option to pay by Electronic Check (ACH) for a TOTAL fee of $1 and there is an option to pay by Credit card with a 3% fee?
Are you aware that Graffiti Grill, Meatheads, and Ochoas Grill have double portions available?
How can Walden's Wildcat Lunch program be improved?
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What other feedback can you provide about the Walden Wildcat Lunch Program? Please be detailed in your response.
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Would you like a Walden PTO representative to call you to discuss your issues? (Please provide your name and contact information)
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