2019 DTS Application: Form A - Personal Information


Thank you for applying to YOUTH WITH A MISSION Potchefstroom!
May God grant you His grace as you seek His direction in your life.

In order for us to process your application, we must receive all the following completed forms. (If you are husbands and wives applying for a position, you will need to complete separate application forms.)

1. Application Fee: R500 for single, R600 for couples - South African applicants and US$50, US$75 for couples - for single applicants outside South Africa is to be forwarded with the application. Your application cannot be processed without it. Application fee can be paid in our account – see www.ywampotch.com > Donations, make your reference your initial, surname and DTS2017 and send us an email that you have paid into the PAYPAL account.
2. Life Questions: Please prayerfully answer the life questions on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to your application form. The reason for these personal questions is to help us to more accurately assess your application and once accepted, to help us understand you as a person. Please be assured that your application will be treated with the strictest confidence.
3. Financial Agreement: Please read carefully, complete and sign the Financial Policy and Indemnity form. Please note that signing this form commits you to the payment of the fees as set out in the Financial Policy.
4. Liability, treatment and Burial form: Please read carefully and sign the Liability, treatment and Burial Release form.
5. Student Behaviour Agreement form: Please read carefully and sign the Student Behaviour form.
6. Application form / Health form / Physicians Evaluation form: These forms must be completed by you / your doctor and returned to us
7. Reference forms: On each of the two Confidential Reference forms fill in your name, the school you are applying for and starting date. Then hand one to your pastor/mentor and one to another person who knows you well e.g. employer, teacher, friend. If you have taken a YWAM course previously or been on YWAM staff, one of the references must be from your most recent school leader or supervisor. As these forms are confidential please ask them to complete the form and post it DIRECTLY to YWAM Potch. We must receive them before we can process your application.
8. Photographs: Please submit two recent passport-size photographs with your application.
9. Overseas Applicants: Non South Africans are encouraged to apply early as the process of acquiring a visa can take a long time. Below is a list of countries exempt from visas - please check online.
See Link: http://www.home-affairs.gov.za/index.php/countries-exempt-from-sa-visas

Application process:
* Either complete Form A of the DTS application online together with Form B (which will be send to you per e-mail) OR ask for the whole DTS application form to be send to you per e-mail.

* Please then post/mail OR send an email copy of Form B of the DTS application OR the whole DTS application form to YWAM Potch. You can bring the original when you come for the school.

Email: ywampotch@gmail.com
Postal Address: The Registrar, YWAM Potchefstroom, 60 Parys Avenue, Baillie Park, Potchefstroom, 2531, South Africa
Tel: +27 84 549 0914 (Wikus Vorster)

School being applied for: Discipleship Training School
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