Avalon Expo 5 Panel Presenter Requestionnaire
Avalon Expo 5 is Fri-Sun July 19-21, 2019 at the REMAX Centre/St. John's Curling Club at 135 Mayor Avenue in St. John's, NL, Canada.
And will be fun.

Panel slots are limited, and we may try to fit panels together if they might overlap in topics. We'd discuss that first, of course.

How many years are you?
Your age. If under 19, please tell us the actual age. If over 19, your actual age or "over 19" is fine.
Your answer
How would it be structured?
Either free form; or you have a set plan, such as intro, examples, Q&A; or some other idea. Can be basic or complex.
Your answer
What is your name (and group, if a group)?
You can list all you know who would be presenting or just yourself. It's okay if there are more people helping out.
Your answer
What is your background in this topic area?
Either educational background, or background as a fan or hobbyist, or just super interested and want to share your deeply, madly, truly love for it with others. Or something else, I guess.
Your answer
Should this panel be age-restricted, and if so, why?
The ESRB game ratings are maybe some guidelines: http://www.esrb.org/ratings/ratings_guide.jsp
Your answer
What equipment would you need for this panel?
TV/projector? Speakers? Self-sealing stem bolts? Eye of newt? Something else?
Your answer
How long will your panel be-ish?
In minutes. Panel slots are 1 hour with 10 minutes at the end to reset the room (so really 50 minutes).
Your answer
Do you require some special setup time?
You need to build a fort out of cereal boxes. Or you need to build a fort out of pillows. Or you need to build a fort out of cans of soup. And this must happen before people come in to look at it. How much time will it take? (Only answer if you actually have some special setup time. This is not a required question.)
Your answer
Anything special we should know?
This will be the world unveiling of your new invention that makes all other inventions 3.5% less desirable. Or you are opening a temporary wormhole to another dimension and it might get loud for a bit. Or you will be cloning the audience, so please only fill the room half-way. Or you want to do something wacky.
Your answer
What sort of panel or workshop would you like to do?
A brief description of your idea. This may end up being what we tell others. Until you notice us doing this and send us something better.
Your answer
Have you done stuff like this before?
Nope, or yes, etc. (tell us all about it).
Your answer
Let's say I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about - where could I find some basic info about your subject?
A website(s) with info on your topic that you know to be a reasonably accurate reflection of your topic. Or, lacking that, a good explanation.
Your answer
Oh, almost forgot your email address. What's your email address?
That you actually check more than once a month. Daily would be nice, but I'm realistic.
Your answer
What is the title of your panel for the schedule?
Your answer
Do you have a preferred time/day or panel that you hope not to be opposite (a particular guest, for example)?
Your answer
The question(s) I really should have asked?
One of these days I'll get it right the first time. Then I'll probably brag about it a lot and ruin it.
Your answer
Is this a trivia panel?
Trivia's okay, people lurrrve trivia. This question just makes our automagical sorting system easier.
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