FRESCO Airdrop Campaign
Hi all,

Our 500 FRES airdrop campaign has officially stopped accepting new applications.

We are currently sending out tokens on a rolling basis, as we need to manually verify each twitter retweet! It's labor-intensive work but it is a necessary step for us to keep FRESCO a global community that truly cares about art and the change we are going to bring, that is letting more people around the world have access to the art market, to own artwork on blockchain and use it as a tool of investment.

Meanwhile, we are doing the world's first ICD (initial coin distribution), a significant step in blockchain history. We abandoned ICO and will distribute 300 million tokens for free to our community supporters who pass the FRESCO Community Test. Each supporter will get 2,000 FRES!

You can join ICD here:

Through this process, we can educate 100,000 people about art within a month, this scale of POW (Proof of Work) is never seen before not only in the blockchain world, but also a feat that cannot been done by even major art museums.

Please look for our twitter and telegram group for news updates:

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