Positive Impact Project of the Year - Pitch to LAFS
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1. What is the brand or project name, and when was it established? *
2. What is the project's manifesto? *
3. What is the positive impact your project aims to generate? In which ways? *
4. What is your purpose as an entrepreneur? *
5. Please describe your brand and product or service as accurately as possible. *
6. Describe your target audience. *
7. What makes your project different from any other? *
8. Please describe your production process below if your project. Include the materials and techniques you produce with, and if you work with artisans or communities. (If applicable). *
9. Where do you commercialize your product or service? (If applicable). *
10. Please select your primary sales channel (If you count with one). *
11. If you have a product, what is your wholesale and retail price? *
12. Is there a governmental organization supporting your business? *
13. How many members are there in your team, and what are their roles? *
14. How many artisans or people in need does your project support? *
15. Does your project support any organization? Which one? *
16. Does your project explore new technologies? Please describe below. *
17. How can you scale up your business? *
18. Does your business have a profit? *
19. In which social media platforms is your brand found?  *
20.  Please include your social media handles?  *
21. What message do you convey through these channels? *
22. How do you envision your project in five years? *
23. Why do you wish to win the Pitch to LAFS? Answer this question on a 2 min video.  (Add link to the video) *
24. Below, please include any other information about your project you consider relevant. *
25. Please attach a Google Drive link your company deck and latest images. Remember to un-restrict the link *
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