Support the International Campaign against Slavery today by signing the appeal to the UN here!

We, undersigned, citizens across the world, are


That the 29.8 million living as slaves today, deprived of the chance to determine their own path - through education, work, socialization, association and the exercise of their fundamental human rights - can only regain their freedom through a deliberate international effort;

That traditional and modern forms of slavery - whether or not their source is human trafficking, and whether or not they derive from tradition, protected or not by historical, cultural or religious references - are equally dehumanizing;

That the UN needs to reaffirm that non-consensual and unpaid work, in all its forms (whether forced labor, debt bondage, child labor, human trafficking, serfdom, sexual exploitation or others), is incompatible with the principle of universality of Human Rights;


The United Nations General Assembly to adopt a resolution formally ending the practice of slavery (and all its contemporary forms, such as forced labor and human trafficking), and going further than the existing conventions which are not enforced;

All governments, as well as regional and international organizations, to do all in their power to support and promote the adoption of this resolution, as well as its implementation, which could give millions access to freedom;


The citizens across the world to support us in our endeavor and to sign this appeal to ban this form of exploitation that no government can ignore without denying its people their Human Rights.

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