AcadeCon 2018 Event Survey
Hello. You are receiving this survey so that you can submit events for this year's AcadeCon event schedule.

Events in this context are defined as anything you are planning to run during AcadeCon, including RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, Demos, Panels, Entertainment/Shows, and so on. All we ask is that each event includes at least 3 people, one of which can be the host and last at least 45 min for workshops/panels/entertainment events and at least 2 hours for all others.

The survey will capture the information we need to populate the schedule.

If you purchased a GM badge we ask that you submit at least two events (though more is okay). If you are any other type of badge holder, you are welcome to submit as many or as few events as you'd like.

You are able to submit this form multiple times. Please complete it separately for each event that you want to schedule, including if you wish to run the same game multiple instances.

If you have a Demo table and want to do scheduled events, do so here. If you want to hold walk-up and play events you can note the times your demo table is 'open' here as well.

We will do our best to accommodate your preferred schedule. But we may contact you and discuss rescheduling options. If this is necessary, we ask that you try and be flexible and work with us. We are doing our best to organize the best possible AcadeCon experience for everyone involved.

And remember that the open play area will be available for the duration of AcadeCon. Everyone is welcome to use this space for pick-up games at their convenience.

We are arranging events into 'standard blocks' and you'll be asked to select which block of time you want your event to fall into. IT IS OKAY to choose a different time - there is a blank text box after the standard blocks that you can use for an event you want to run outside of a standard block.

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Title of the Event
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Description of the Event
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Expected length of the event
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Minimum number of attendees needed for the event to occur
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Maximum number of attendees for the event (Panel rooms hold up to 30 attendees)
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Which block ( if any ) do you want your event schedule into?
If you have an event that will not fit into the above blocks, please list it here with preferred start time and duration. For example: if you want to run a 45 minute panel or want to organize a 6 hour board game.
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Table Request - we will do our best to accommodate all requests but can not guarantee, especially panel room events.
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