2019-2020 FitNut Application
APPLICATION IS DUE by Monday, September 30th at 11:59 PM
Year-long commitment (Fall, Winter, and Spring)

Fall Quarter: Enroll and complete the Social Welfare 195 course (2 units). This is an 8 week training course that meets once a week on Tuesdays from 6-8 PM, beginning Week 2. Additionally, attendance at a minimum of one social and one fundraiser is mandatory.

Winter and Spring Quarter: Commit to 3 – 4 hours per week for 8 weeks to teach the Fitness and Nutrition curriculum. This includes prepping for site visits, teaching, and travel time to site. Attend at least one social and one fundraiser per quarter.
Information Sessions: September 26-27th (5 - 6:00 PM), Ackerman 2408
Application Deadline: September 30th (11:59 PM)
Interviews: October 2nd - 4th
Fall Training Class: Tuesday (6 PM – 7:50 PM, Weeks 2-9)
Orientation: October 6th (time TBA)

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What experiences do you have working with kids? If your experience is limited, please explain why you think you would work well with kids. (250 words or less) *
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Describe a specific experience when you have worked in a group. What role did you play? (150 words or less) *
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What do you think are the three most important skills to have when teaching a class of 20-25 boisterous 4th graders? (150 words or less) *
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Fitness and Nutrition requires a one-year commitment. What other obligations do you foresee conflicting with your one-year commitment? (100 words or less) *
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VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT AND CERTIFICATION OF INFORMATION: I certify that I have read and understood the above requirements. I also certify that the above information is true and correct. I understand that any false statement or misrepresentation of information on this form may result in rejection of my application to the Fitness and Nutrition program. If accepted into the program, I agree to fully participate and abide by all policies, procedures, and requirements of the program. By signing, you hereby agree to these terms and agreements. Please type your full name below to serve as your digital signature. *
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