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Thank your for your interest in working at Morgan's Pier for the 2017 season. Morgan’s Pier is Philadelphia’s seasonal backyard beer garden along the Delaware River Waterfront. Each year, the restaurant invites a different celebrated chef to take over the kitchen with their own version of a chef-hosted backyard barbeque, allowing a larger population of Philadelphia and its visitors to enjoy the casual cuisine while soaking up the outdoors and its scenery just steps from the Ben Franklin Bridge. In 2015, Morgan's Pier was named "Most Popular Bar in Pennsylvania" by Buzzfeed.

Our large, outdoor venue gives you hands-on, real world experience that spans the full cycle of a restaurant’s life in just one season. Work with industry veterans and stay on your toes in our fast-paced environment - you're sure to love it!

Please fill out the information below so that we can learn more about you in consideration for one of our open positions. Our season starts mid-April so if you are selected for an interview, expect to hear from one of our managers within two weeks of applying.

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