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We need to collect this information so that we can assess your enquiry and application to study with us, recommend suitable courses for you and monitor your progress and language development while you are studying with us. We will keep this information safe, we will not share it with others outside our organisation, unless we are required to by law, and we will store it only for as long as is necessary for legal or regulatory reasons or for legitimate organisational purposes.

Some or all of this information will exist in our email addresses and on google drive, in our student management system, and on secure servers in our premises. If we print and store any of this as paper documents it will be stored in your own student folder and retained in a locked filing cabinet in a locked room.

Our Office staff will have access to some or all of this information in order to process this before, during and after you arrive to study with us. Our teachers may have access to some of the information but only if it is necessary in order for them to plan lessons to meet your personal needs and language requirements and to monitor and give feedback on your progress and attendance.

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(When you bring your group to study with us you will have free accommodation, free trips and excursions and a free English course if you want this.)
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