[Future] Sugarman's Signature Happy Guitar Cable
Shhhh - please keep this on the DL! If you want to get early access and first dibs on my new super high quality guitar cables from the highly sought after Happy Cable Co. - then you made it to the right spot!

If you drop your contact info (email, number) below, then I will personally contact you when you my cable is released so that you get access before everyone else!

Rough Specs:
The cable will be the first of its kind:
- bolstering a hand painted blood spatter pearl white cable,
- with an ultra durable see-through flex wrap with super high quality noiseless and pop-less jacks...
- The pain of unplugging your guitar before your amp is off is finally over,
- and your tone has never sounded better thanks to Kyle's insane skillsets
in hand-making each and every cable from scratch,
- using the highest quality materials available on the market
(and some that aren't quite so common!)
- This is the exact cable I used on the new Ice Nine Kills Record,
and believe me when I tell you that I chose to use this cable
for no other reason than it sounded better than every other cable I could get my hands on \m/

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Completely doing market research here... and right now, you're the market haha so let me know what you think a USA custom made guitar cable that is hand painted, hand wired, and hand wrapped is worth \m/
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