Needs sign-up sheet during COVID-19 outbreak 新冠疫情期间需要帮助登记表
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in our local communities, Toledo Chinese Alliance Church (TCAC) have assembled a group of caring volunteers who are willing to provide help with some essential needs to the best we can, within the scope of official guidance and orders. If you need such services as listed below, please take a couple of minutes to fill up a quick questionnaire so that we know how to help you. Thank you and stay safe!


Please make sure you click on "Submit" button (at the end of this page) and see a confirmation message "Your response has been recorded".

请您记得按 "Submit" 按钮(此页最下面)来提交,并且收到成功提交的确认信息 "Your response has been recorded".
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First Name 名 *
Contact Number (digits only) 联系电话(仅限数字) *
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Your city 您所在城市 *
Please select your specific need(s) from the list below. 请您从下面选择您具体的需要。 *
If you want to have non face-to-face conversation, please select the most preferred way of communication (phone, wechat, internet, etc.)  如果您需要需要非面对面陪谈 , 请选择您最喜欢的交流方式(电话,微信,网络视频)。 *
If you need help with grocery/food shopping and delivery, please describe your current situation. 如果您需要购买生活用品/食物并送货上门,请说明你现在的处境。    This service will be preferentially provided to families who are quarantined, seniors who live alone or people with underlying health issues. 这项服务优先照顾被隔离的家庭,独居的长者 和有基础病患的人。 *
If you prefer calling us directly, please call the contacts below. 如果您想直接打电话,请联系下面的人。
Together we will pass through the storms, hand in hand, heart to heart and watching over one another in love. 让我们携起手来,互助互爱,共度难关!“如今常存的有信、有望、有爱这三样,其中最大的是爱。”
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