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Hello! Thank you for being part of this incredible community! Here is some important information to read before you sign up to host:

1. Please read the #musochat hosting guidelines:

2. The spirit of musochat is to seek answers for honest questions and observe the variety of responses. As a host, please prepare questions that will spark a variety of responses and experiences from the group. Engage in discussion with the participants and discover what comes to light. If you would like to answer your own questions, consider waiting until the day after the chat, so you can be fully present during it.

3. Choose 3 possible dates for your chat. We'll contact you within a few days to confirm your hosting date.

4. If there are no available dates, or if none of these dates works for you, check back in a few weeks or watch @musochat for an announcement. We open new spots every now and then to keep chats timely and allow room for new members to host!

5. Around 1-2 weeks ahead of your hosting date, Gahlord from the musochat team will check in with you.

For scheduling changes and other questions about musochat, find us at or @musochat on Twitter!

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