NOT COLLECTING - 2017 Acara Challenge Initial Application
PLEASE NOTE: Applications have closed for the 2017 competition. The application seen below will be very similar to the one used for the 2018 competition. Email Erin Kayser ( with any questions.
1. What's your name? *
2. What's your email address? *
3. What's your mobile phone number? *
4. What's the name of your team or project (business, non-profit, solution)? *
5. What's the problem you are addressing (be as specific as possible)? *
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6. What's your solution? *
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7. What's Innovative about your solution? *
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8. How are you making an impact on a social or environmental problem? *
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9. How will do you make money to sustain your project? *
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10. What is your plan to test out your idea (describe your pilot plan)? *
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10. What experience does each team member bring to this project? Describe your team and its commitment to the idea? *
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12. How did you learn of the Acara Challenge competition? *
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