Double Dynamic (DDN) AIRDROP NEW
Double Dynamic (DDN) ERC20 is a cryptocurrency coin made using blockchain technology from Etherum with a contrac address.

Our tokens will be of high value after all sold, therefore please buy now !!! Just send ETH to the contrac adress and the token will be sent to your direct address and this token is not a scam.

The token is a platform for tokenisasi any product either for crowdfunding, loyalty point, donation or other purposes. Tokenomy aims to create financial inclusion and provide access to anyone to connect with alternative funding and global innovation networks.

Double Dynamic (DDN)
Contract address : 0x3412863B0779bf4d80efd21F7DB3cd21187541C9

How to get DDN ?

Follow and Tweet link form use hastag

- Join Telegram Free indikator for trading MT4

- Share Facebook Groups

Only send 0.001 to contract address 0x3412863B0779bf4d80efd21F7DB3cd21187541C9
instant send to your wallet Erc20

The token will be sent to your direct address and The token is not a scam...

DDN Team

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