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From 1st of January 2020 subscriptions, could check some identities as it has been noticed some users are registering many times. Next Airdrop will occur last Friday of January 2020 before BURN of all non distributed of purchased tokens.

Airdrop IVI Token Value $5 / Tasks - Check Bonus and Extra Promotions for more also...
Fill the form below carefully to get your IVI Token AirDrop. Follow the form step by step please.
Full filling could take up to 10minutes and allow you to get a maximum of $80 Equivalent IVI Token.

Share our Bounty program with your contacts and friends. The more we will share, the more we will earn profits together.

Another email will be sent for the Token delivery information.

Official material is sent through after your first comment on our Main YouTube Channel. You are allowed to use it or to create your own and get extra Bonus.

If all this form is fully filled, you will get the IVI Token delivery last Friday of each month.
If this form is only partially filled, you will receive the amounts of IVI Tokens mentioned in each section description last Friday of each month.

If any needs, check also again Bounty Campaign and Airdrop Page on : Bounty :

Thank you
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