Global Education Innovation Award 2018 - Application Form

Global Education Network Europe recognises the importance of innovation in Global Education through its 2nd edition of the Global Education Innovation Award. The Award supports Global Education initiatives that facilitate transformative learning and opens peoples’ eyes and minds to the realities of the world, locally and globally, with the intention to respond to challenging questions, such as “How do we engage people who are not easy to reach?”, or “How can innovative Global Education transform attitudes of those whose values differ from those associated with Global Education, such as solidarity, social justice, non-violence?

The Award promotes Global Education initiatives that bring about positive change through critical analysis, reflection, creativity, participation, synergies and innovation, with a view to ultimately inspire public policy.

Who can apply?

Any legally based organisations that run inspiring Global Education initiatives in all European countries, including those that are not members of the EU. The initiatives need to be ongoing or recently finalised (in 2018).

How to apply?

Applicants are encouraged to tell their story. Why this is a Global Education activity? How does your initiative contribute to transformative learning? In what ways does this learning happen? Why do you consider it innovative? What are the main activities of your initiative?

In this second edition, applicants will have a free way to describe their initiatives, both as a text (max 1000 words) and through a short video (2-5 min). Please feel free to write a story, yet mention all the elements you find important for the selection committee to understand the purpose, process, learning and outcomes of your initiative.

Please note, that a successful application process involves a peer review of your application by another applicant, as well as, your review of another application. The purpose of this exercise is to include your views with regards to innovation in Global Education. We will make sure that both the received and given feedback will remain confidential.


Deadline for applications: 8 June 2018
First Phase Selection (Secretariat): 22 June 2018
Second Phase Selection (Peer Evaluation): 1 July 2018
Third Phase Selection (International Selection Committee): 2 September 2018
Final Selection (GENE Board): 10 September 2018
Announcement of the Awardees: RT39 Brussels - October 2018

What you need to fill in the application

Please be aware that you will need to create one short video (2-5 min) and insert the link as part of your application. See section 1.2.

If you have questions that you cannot find the answers within the Award Website, please contact us at
If GENE Secretariat can answer them, all responses will appear at the website as part of the FAQ.

2018 Global Education Innovation Award
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