2022 campaign signs
Woodford County Democrats have signs for lots of candidates this year!   Please fill out the form below to let us know what you can use and how we can make arrangements with you.
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All these signs are normal yard sign size.  (JB, Alexi, and Workers' Rights signs are corrugated plastic and come with H-frame wire.  Others are "bag" style with square frame wire, and you may want to tape the bottoms to prevent wind problems.)
Select the signs that you have a place for.  You can type special sign requests in Other.
Lisa Haderlein is running for the 16th Congressional District, which covers all of Woodford County.  Check the box if you'd like to know if signs become available.
General Assembly
Dave Koehler of Peoria, and Sharon Chung of Bloomington, are running for General Assembly in the same section of southern Woodford County.  Check the boxes if you'd like to know when signs become available.
Ross Clymer is running for county board in district 3 (Metamora area, Cruger/Olio/Eureka area, Montgomery/Congerville/Goodfield area).  If you'd like one of his signs, check the box below.
If any of these apply to you, feel free to check them, and we'll contact you about details.
Name *
What is the e-mail address we should use to verify your request and make arrangements?  (By the way, we don't give your e-mail to other organizations unless you say so, or if it looks like you should be contacted by a different county for signs.)
What is the phone number we should use to verify your request and make arrangements?
Location *
Where should the signs be brought after we make arrangements?  Street address would be preferable.
Contact preference *
What's the best way to get hold of you?  You can check any or all of them.  We may still try the others if we're having trouble contacting you. (By the way, the announcements/newsletter is just from Woodford County; we don't give your e-mail to other campaigns.)
Do you have any special notes, questions, or tips on other people that want signs?  Or would you like information on volunteering, distributing signs, or being a (neutral) election judge on election day?  Feel free to put anything here that we should know about.
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