FeRSMP Application Form
This is the application form to join the FeRSMP server. We are always looking for new players to join us in this Minecraft journey and we hope that you can join us and become a part of our wonderful community.


Our Discord: https://discord.gg/sVK9PW6
Our Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FdRmod
SMP Guidebook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AAY9NGwXJwok06CkmCvLox_gdxUtuwvqzwrKqyMCRqg/edit#
Before you proceed, do take note:
- Your confidential information will be safely and securely kept with us
- We are not obligated to reveal why we denied or accepted your application
- We are not obligated to reply to your application
- You agree that should you be accepted you may removed at any time for any reason in which is by the staff's discretion. This does not mean we will remove you unreasonably.
- You should not share your personal information and we will not take responsibility for anything that happens to it should you share it in this form.
- You agree that this form has not been copied off other applications, be it by yourself or others.
- You agree that this form is in no way plagiarised work and is 100% genuine and done by you.
- You agree that should your application be denied you are only allowed to make another application in 1 month's time.
1) No griefing / stealing
2) No killing and PVP without consent - You cannot kill or PVP other players, their pets/animals, or any name tagged mob. All consent must be given in the in-game or Discord chat in order to prevent misinformation.
3) No excessive trespassing - Do not enter another player's area and annoy them while they are doing playing, unless you have their express permission to be in the area. Do not enter another player's area if marked private or if asked to leave. All consent must be given in the in-game or Discord chat in order to prevent misinformation.
4) No cheats or exploits - In other words, anything which gives an unfair advantage over other players. If any bugs or exploits are found, you are required to inform the staff immediately.
5) Sensible use of the SMP - Do not settle near to another player without consent as this helps provide members with the freedom to have large amounts of land to create their projects and builds. Furthermore, always build at a minimum of 250 blocks from spawn.
6) Use common sense - For instance, there may be shops and districts by the different members, it is required you follow their instructions when purchasing / selling.
7) Follow Discord server rules - All Discord server rules still apply as per normal.

Keep in mind:
The Moderation Team reserves the right to remove anyone from the SMP at any given time for any reason if deemed reasonable. Act responsibly, and with common sense. This is a Survival Multiplayer server, not a competitive Minecraft server. Cooperate, make friends, and have fun.
- You have a Discord account for communications purposes
- You have at minimum friend requests turned on
- You will accept friend requests from Mapperific#1234 so that you can be contacted for further information on the application
- You have joined the Discord server - https://discord.gg/sVK9PW6
I have read and agreed to all the terms and rules. *
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