Directions: Please submit the application no later than MARCH 15, 2018.

NJSCA will be awarding a New Jersey School Counselor in any level. Candidate should be one who leads by example and actively engages in activities that promote human rights for all. Perhaps you know a school counselor who has organized a club or a focus group, led a workshop or community event, or developed lessons advocating human rights or a school counselor who has planned activities that encourage interaction between racial and ethnic groups, promoted dialogue about social issues, or provided tolerance education training.

The Human Rights Advocacy candidate should embrace the beliefs that underlying our differences we all share a common humanity and that all students have fundamental rights simply because they are human beings. Our candidate should be an individual who reflects on his/her own biases and attitudes regarding all aspects of equality and tolerance and then challenges others - students, staff, and community members alike - to think more seriously about these issues, to take a stand, and to actively seek a venue in which a significant difference can be made.

For more information you may contact Pat Phillips, Human Rights Advocate Award Chair, at pphil0621@msn.com. Awards will be presented at our annual NJSCA dinner on May 19, 2018.

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