Bumper Car Tournament
Are you ready for some fun during the HalfWay There Fair?

We will be holding a BUMPER CARS tournament May 6th and 7th!! Each team will need to pick 5 members of their team to compete!

Here's how it works: Everyone will get in your car and line up at the end zone line for your color. We have green and Yellow. The announcer will tell you when to go.

Once you start you have 10 min to bump the other teams cars into your colored end zone. (if you are yellow, bump them into the yellow end zone) As soon as a car is bumped into the end zone they are out.. The first team with the most cars still in, wins and goes on to compete with the next team.

The first two teams to compete will pay each other's kiosk $1000L.. The next team to compete will pay the winners kiosk $1000L.

The next team to compete will pay the winner from the previous round's kiosk L$1k, and so on, until all registered teams have played.

Also each team will have a team kiosk at the end zone for friends and family and the audience to cheer you on.

This is GREAT fun and a great way to raise $$$ to find a cure!!

Please contact Dianna Wycliffe or WyldChild Raven for any questions!!

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