Faculty/Teachers Appraisal Assessment
Dear Students,

You are provided with this opportunity to assess the college and faculty members. It is a great responsibility entrusted on you by the College, as such use it with care and without prejudice. As you are not required to furnish your name/email please try to offer honest answers. This will greatly help us in overcoming our deficiencies and in offering better services to you in the future.

1. Semester *
2. Subject / Lecturer *
5 - Excellent
4 - Very Good
3 - Good
2 - Satisfactory
1 - Poor
Was the faculty regular in his/her attendance of the class?
Did you find the faculty competent in the delivery of his/her lectures?
Was the faculty competent in the control of the class?
Did you find the faculty cooperative and helpful outside the class?
Did you find the faculty efficient in utilizing the allocated time/session?
4. Overall Impression *
5 – Highly Competent
4 – Competent
3 – Average
2 – Incompetent
1 – Poor
Your Overall Impression.
5. Suggestions / Recommendation:
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