Looney Labs Volunteer Survey
We have an internal database of fans/friends who are interested in hearing from us about playtesting and/or demo opportunities that may become available when the Looneys are traveling nearby where they live. This survey will allow you to get yourself added to our internal volunteer database, let you remind us of things you have helped us with in the past, and let us know what you might be interested in helping with going forward. Help could include paid B2B trade show work!  Please know how much we appreciate your enthusiasm for our games, and your help in promoting them to your friends and family!

Note to Retailers: Although you can't register your store in this new database, you can register yourself (or the Looney Labs fan on your staff) as a fan who is interested in knowing when the Looneys might be visiting your city. There are even a few questions where you can pitch an idea for where Looney Labs should run an event. Thank you for promoting our games in your store!  
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