Volunteer Doula Program- LCBC
LifeCenter Sacramento is an out-of-hospital birth center in the Arden Arcade neighborhood of Sacramento.
Healthy expecting mothers have an opportunity to give birth in our birth center under the supportive care of LifeCenter’s staff. Each birth is typically attended by a CNM, a nurse (RN or LVN), and a student midwife. We follow the Midwives Model of Care, incorporating policies and protocols consistent with the belief that healthy women tend to birth healthy babies, and birth is a normal event in human life. Our staff is trained to attend out-of-hospital births, and emphasizes a family-friendly, low-intervention model of care.

Our center has four spacious birthing rooms, each equipped with tubs, birthing stools, birth balls, and other supplies that prove useful in medication-free births. Our pharmacy is equipped with both allopathic medications (including drugs for postpartum hemorrhage, antibiotics, and IV fluids) as well as homeopathic medications, herbal remedies, and essential oils.
We acknowledge that along with the occasional use of these tools and supplies, doula support is crucial in ensuring a safe, satisfying birth experience for every family.

As a facility serving mostly families enrolled in Medi-Cal services, we see clients who come from a variety of socioeconomic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Many of our clients are very low-income, and as a result do not have access to private doula services. Many of our clients do not have a dedicated support person or partner planning on attending the birth.

LifeCenter is currently collecting a list of doulas in the Sacramento area available to volunteer their time to clients, both for full services (prenatal, birth, postpartum) as well as on-call when clients are in labor. Ideally, all of our volunteer doulas will have attended a doula training with a credible organization (DONA, CAPPA, CBI, ToLabor, ALACE, WHDS) or would be willing to attend a training through the center. Cultural sensitivity/cultural intelligence training is a plus, as is multilingualism.
As we will be attending up to 40 births per month, this is a great way for doulas to gain experience with diverse clientele out of the hospital.

If you are a doula interested in volunteering your time for families, please fill out this short questionnaire. Someone will be in touch via e-mail to add you to the directory.

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What languages do you speak fluently?
Have you attended a doula training in the past?
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If you have not attended a doula training, would you be able to attend a short training and orientation at LifeCenter?
Have you attended a cultural sensitivity/cultural intelligence training?
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When are you able to volunteer your time?
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Are you willing to sign a contract with the birth center outlining your scope of practice as a doula?
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