Valley Goya Lenten Lock-in
Join us Friday, March 20th for our annual Lenten Lock-in! Check-in starts at 5pm on Friday and check out is at 11am on Saturday, March 21
Our theme this year is: "We Have a Great High Priest"--we have a God who ministers to us and who knows us because He became like us! Come learn all about this and join us in having a wonderful evening of fellowship, prayer, and fun!
We ask for a 5$ donation to cover the costs of the retreat.

Holy Trinity Cathedral, 1973 E Maryland Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85016
For more info, email Alexander Eliades:
Retreat Schedule
Friday, March 20:
5pm: Check-in opens
6pm: Dinner
7pm Salutations
8pm Icebreakers/Session
9:30pm Board Games and Activity
11pm Evening Prayers in Church/Sleep

7:30am Wake-up/Chapel
8am Breakfast
9am Session
11am Depart
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Please consider a donation of 5$ per child to cover the costs of the Retreat.

Please either bring a cash or a check made out to "Orthodox Parents Association," with memo "Lenten Retreat"

Thank you!
Participant Waiver Form
Nature of the Youth Ministry Events: Youth Ministry events for the 2019-2020 calendar year are sponsored by Holy Trinity Cathedral Greek Orthodox Church (Sponsor). Holy Trinity Cathedral Greek Orthodox Cathedral is located in Phoenix, AZ and is affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. By signing this waiver, you agree that you may be giving up legal rights and remedies available to yourself and your family. Read and complete this waiver carefully. If you have questions, please contact an attorney.

I understand that the nature of Youth Ministry events are both social and spiritual. Youth Ministry events will take place at a variety of locations throughout the year, including but not limited to Holy Trinity Cathedral Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

Nature of Risks: I understand that voluntarily traveling to and attending the various Youth Ministry events may involve certain risks beyond the reasonable control of the SPONSOR, its staff, directors, volunteers and agents in connection with the various Youth Ministry events, et al., and the Archdioceses and all parishes participating in it, and their respective officers, directors, volunteers and agents, and chaperones or representatives associated with the Archdiocese et al., including but not limited to accidents, emergencies, exposure to reckless conduct of other persons, and/or negligence of and that Sponsor et al., and the Archdiocese et al. disclaim any and all responsibility for any such risks. If at any time during the various Youth Ministry events, attendees attempt to leave the event, they do so without the permission of the Sponsor, et al., and the Archdiocese et al., and will be subject to dismissal from participation in the event.

Waiver of Liability/Hold Harmless: By signing this liability waiver, I agree and acknowledge that I may be giving up important legal rights and remedies available to myself, my family, my heirs, successors, and assigns. For value received, I agree on behalf of myself, my child's other parent if known or living, my child named herein, and our heirs, successors, and assigns ("Our Behalf") that I assume all risks and waive any liability of any nature whatsoever against and agree to hold harmless Sponsor, et al., and the Archdiocese et al., with respect to any and all actions, claims or demands that may be made or brought on our Behalf against Sponsor, et al., and/or the Archdiocese et al. arising out of or in connection with my child’s travel to or attendance at the camp, or any other activity my child may engage in while in transport there. Further, for value received, for any injury to third parties that may arise because of my child’s actions or omissions, I agree to hold harmless and defend Sponsor, et al., and the Archdiocese et al., with respect to any and all actions, claims, expenses or demands arising there that may be made or brought against Sponsor, et al., and/or the Archdiocese et al., including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses arising in connection therewith.

Media Waiver: We consent to the use by Sponsor, et al any videotape, photograph, slide, audiotape, or any other visual or audio reproduction in which my child may appear. I understand that these materials are being used for promotion of various Youth Ministry and Youth Ministry events by and for the Sponsor, et al. Such promotional activities extend to recruitment, fund-raising, advocacy, etc. I release the staff, volunteers, etc. of the Sponsor et al., and Archdiocese et al., from any liability connected with the use of my or my child’s picture or voice recording as part of any of the above or similar activities.

Medical Permissions (Limited): As a condition attending the various events, I grant permission in the event of an emergency or accident for emergency medical care to be administered to my child within the Facility and/or during or after transportation to a hospital or doctor for emergency medical care. I further understand that it is not the responsibility of Sponsor, et al., and/or Archdiocese et al., to attempt to reach my child’s emergency contacts and that I remain responsible for my child’s medical expenses.

Medical Information Pertinent information about allergies or health problems, present medication and dosage which your child may be taking and any other information that will enable the adult leaders to obtain safe medical treatment for your teen, must be included on the attached Student Medication Form. This form will be kept for entire school year. Please notify us of any changes in medication.

I fully understand the consequences of and sign this LIABILITY WAIVER AND PERMISSION knowingly, freely, and willingly.

I also agree to notify the Holy Trinity Cathedral Greek Orthodox Cathedral Office of any contact, insurance or medical changes as they occur.
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