What Let's Plays You'd Like To See?

On this survey you can tell me what let's plays you'd like to see on my YouTube channel. I use this survey to help me pick games for playlists in the future.

I don't expect anyone to watch everything I upload (but you are free to do so of course), so I will keep many let's plays on-going on the channel and I'd love to know what games you'd like to see the most.

Also, I'd be interested to know what you think about the current let's plays - and if you have anything else to say (comments or feedback), I added a free-text question to the end.



p.s. The survey is anonymous, unless you leave your details (e.g. YouTube username) on the open question at the end (you don't have to)

p.p.s. The list of future LPs is always in my blog: http://zemalf.blogspot.com/p/lets-play.html. The link is in my YouTube channel (the blog icon in the banner or in the About-tab). The 'Upcoming LPs' list includes games I already know I'll play (when I have the time and the game is released). You can also find the schedule of current, on-going LPs on that page.


    Click on the game you'd like me to play next. Click the checkboxes on the games you'd like to see below, or suggest other games with the 'Other' option. Click what LPs you're watching, have watched and/or enjoyed the most. And finally, if you have any other feedback, feel free to use the free-text field in the end.

    Next LP

    Note: One of the games in the Future LPs -list (above) might or might not come out before the games under vote here.
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    Future LPs

    Choose what games you'd like to see the most and/or suggest new ones with the Other option (separate with comma if suggesting several). The games tagged as 'BLIND' I haven't played the game before and don't know what to expect. Those without the blind-tag, I've played before (but not necessarily finished or "played through").
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    Thanks for taking the time to take this little survey!

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