Registration for Leadership Communications Workshop
This workshop (November 15, 9am-1pm, location TBA) will focus on developing the tools to represent your department, field or disciplinary society to a range of audiences, including elected officials in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

The questions on this form will help us plan this workshop and future workshops. Because this is a hands-on workshop, space is limited. You will be notified of your workshop admission status by the last week in October. If demand greatly exceeds available slots, we hope to be able to repeat the workshop.

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What do you hope to learn in this workshop?
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In addition to researchers in your field, with what audience(s) do you plan to share your research over the next few years?
Do you have prior experience with leadership communications and/or what kinds of leadership communications do you plan to engage in?
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What other kinds of Research Communications workshops would be of interest to you?
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*Graduate students
Due to space limitations, this workshop is not open to graduate students. Graduate students interested in leadership should check out the Certificate in Leadership offered through grAdvantage:
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