Please Live Volunteer Application
Hello and thank you for your interest in being a volunteer with Please Live!

We believe that everyone has the ability to give back - whether you prefer to be on stage or behind the scenes, there is a way that you can help us spread education and awareness for youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Please fill out the below application and if we believe you are a good fit for our team someone will get in touch with you shortly. If you are having any difficulty filling out this form, please email us at
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At Please Live, we work heavily in the virtual space for planning, meetings, document retention, etc. As such we need our volunteers to be fairly computer savvy. Please select all the items that you feel you are proficient in: *
Please list any experience, whether professional or personal, that you think would be valuable as a volunteer with us *
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Mental Health | Select all that apply *
Volunteers for Please Live have experienced mental illness and suicide in a range of ways. Please note that a current diagnosis/struggle is not immediate grounds for rejecting a volunteer application. However, we do have a policy that states: 1) individuals who have previously struggled with an addiction must be at least two years sober before volunteering, 2) individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide must wait one year since the passing before volunteering, and 3) individuals who have a current diagnosis must be on track with their recommended treatment plan and not currently in or nearing crisis.
Please Live's Subcommittees
Please Live's behind-the-scenes work is broken into 5 subcommittees. Please read the short descriptions below and select which committees you have interest in joining. This does not sign you up to be in the committee; it simply demonstrates interest.
Finance Committee *
focus on fundraising, seeking new individual and corporate donors, researching and applying for grants, maintaining our financial integrity and bookkeeping, budgeting, etc.
Outreach Committee *
focus on developing new partnerships, networking, finding new volunteers, professional development, etc.
Events Committee *
all things related to our public school events, including speakers, display table, setting up/tearing down, attending health fairs, etc.
Communications Committee *
focus on our “outside appearance” – social media, website, emails, press releases, graphic design, videography, photography, etc.
Love Life Ministries Committee *
our Christian faith branch, focus on all things for the faith audience. Event speakers, Love Life Letters, prayer partners, display table, etc.
Level of Interest and Approximate Time
Please answer the below questions to give us an idea of what you're looking for. Again, this does not sign you up for anything, but simply demonstrates interest.
Approx. how much time per week can you volunteer? *
Do you have an interest in leadership positions, such as project management, committee chair, or a seat on the board of directors? *
Would you say you're more a "front lines" or "behind the scenes" type of volunteer? "Front lines" would be things like public speaking, resource table attendants, and opportunities to get you in front of people in the community. "Behind the scenes" would be things like social media moderating, graphic design, data collection/organization, proofreading, etc. *
Briefly, tell us why you are interested in volunteering for Please Live? When you envision yourself as a volunteer, what do you see yourself doing? What do you hope to gain from this opportunity? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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