Idena referral program - link request
To encourage and reward Idena ambassadors, advocates, local community leaders, influencers and everyone who spreads the word about Idena, we introduce Idena referral program! The program offers an opportunity to earn rewards for new validated identities they bring to the network.

Referral program mechanics:
- Apply for participation by submitting this Referral link request form. Get approved and get your personal referral link;
- Educate your community about Idena;
- Share your referral link, motivate your audience to join and help them to get an invite by twitting about Idena;
- Help your invitees through the onboarding process, remind them about the validation ceremony and help them get validated;
- After the validation ceremony contact the core team and get rewarded for each validated identity referred by you.

The identity is considered a referee if the following conditions are met:
- the referee has received an invite via twitter on;
- the referee opened with your referral link;
- the referee has successfully activated the invite and passed the following validation.

Please fill this form to apply for a referral link.
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