ORSC GTA: Members survey
Dear ORSC GTA Community member,

Being enrolled in the ORSC Certification Program (Peridot Cohort), I felt called to create my World Work Project (WWP) on strengthening our ORSC GTA Community (ORSC-GTA-C).

If you didn't have the chance, please watch this video in the ORSC-GTA-C facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/gabriela.casineanu/videos/10210376230504589/ It's about this project, which I see as a great opportunity to use ORSC tools to strengthen our community ... as a way to “Walk our Talk"!

While I have experience in building communities (ORSC practitioner since 2009), I need YOUR help ... as a member of the “ORSC-GTA Community” system.

To start revealing the system to itself, I enter this project through the lens of Deep Democracy, inviting you to answer a few questions while visiting three lands: "ORSC practitioner", "ORSC-GTA-C member" and "ORSC-GTA-C as a system".

An online or in person meeting will follow, to clarify together the ORSC GTA Community’s agenda, and create an action plan for dreaming our community together.

Please complete this survey until November 7th, 2016.
This way you'll have a chance to win the book “Creating Intelligent Teams - Leading with Relationship Systems Intelligence”, written by our beloved Marita Fridjhon and Anne Rod. :-)

Thank you in advance,

1) Let’s explore the land “Being an ORSC practitioner”
1.a) How does it feel being here?
Your answer
1.b) What are your needs? (check all that apply)
1.c) What are your challenges?
Your answer
1.d) What are your fears?
Your answer
1.e) What is your high dream?
Your answer
2) Let’s explore the land “Being an ORSC-GTA-C member”
2.a) How does it feel being here?
Your answer
2.b) What are your expectations from ORSC-GTA-C?
2.c) What are your needs regarding ORSC-GTA-C?
Your answer
2.d) What is your biggest fear about ORSC-GTA-C?
Your answer
2.e) What is your high dream regarding ORSC-GTA-C?
Your answer
3) Let’s explore the land “ORSC-GTA-C as a system”
Be the system’s voice!
3.a) How do you feel?
Your answer
3.b) What do you know that ORSC practitioners & ORSC-GTA-C members don’t know?
Your answer
3.c) What is your High Dream?
Your answer
3.d) What is your Low Dream?
Your answer
4) ORSC-GTA-C Background
Your opinion (it counts!)
4.a) What worked well in the past and you would like to keep?
Your answer
4.b) What didn’t work well in the past, and you'd like to remove?
Your answer
4.c) What didn’t work well in the past and you'd like to change? How?
Your answer
5) The universe operates through dynamic exchange . . . giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.
5.a) In what way are you willing to contribute to build a stronger ORSC-GTA Community that, in return, could meet (even exceed) its member’s needs and expectations (including yours!)?
5.b) If you’d like a mentoring program in our ORSC-GTA-C, you’d like to be:
5.c) How much time are you available for ORSC-GTA-C?
5.d) Which communication channel do you prefer as an ORSC GTA member?
6) Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Your answer
7) Name & email address
(only for the purpose specified in question 5; they will not be disclosed in survey results)
Your answer
Your answer
Thank you!
Gabriela Casineanu
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