Sleep Assessment
Healthy Sleep Habits are critically important to rejuvenate and reward your body with restful sleep.

The effect of regular sleep patterns on health is often underestimated, but sleep is one of the most critical factors in creating overall health and well-being and has a direct impact on losing weight (and keeping it off), the immune system, and to improving all other areas of your health. Missing that necessary extra hour of sleep decreases your wellbeing, productivity, health, and your ability to reason. Sleep helps restore organ function, stabilizes chemical imbalances, refreshes areas of the brain that control mood and behavior, replenishes nutrients, and repairs brain circuitry. Sleep is also essential in helping our bodies bounce back from stress and pollutants of daily life. When you master Healthy Sleep habits, the benefits ripple throughout all areas of your health, from weight management, to productivity, to your relationships with those around you.

Increase your sleep knowledge about what may be affecting your sleep empowers you to be in control of choosing to make change in your daily activities to improve your sleeping habits and energy management. By taking this online self-assessments, you become more mindful of how your actions affect your quality of sleep and thus how you feel throughout your day. This assessment will also provide you the opportunity to meet with a certified health coach for FREE to discuss your results and come up with tips, tricks and action to take to improve your quality of sleep going forward and work on developing healthy sleep habits to serve you for life.

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