Solstice Gathering 2018 :: Workshops Application Form
If you would like to offer more than one kind of workshop, please fill out one form for each different workshop (2 workshops maximum). We will email you the workshops schedule to confirm your slot. Please remember to keep your email active and check it during the months of April, May, and June!

If you are applying as a Talking Circle Facilitator for Safer Spaces, please fill out this form:

If your workshop would be best suited for CALM, please fill out their separate form, coming soon!

To increase the chance of your workshop being listed on the schedule published in the zine, please complete this application right now.

We acknowledge and recognize the social and economic accessibility issues that exist in and outside of Solstice Gathering, and we continue to strive towards bringing people together across social barriers in order to create dialogue and awareness around these issues. Please let us know if we can help you participate!

We recognize that people who experience structural oppression and marginalization have a lot to offer our community. People of colour, those recently arrived from other countries, people with accessibility requirements, women, two-spirited and queer people, trans people, and other candidates who experience marginalization are strongly encouraged to self-identify.

Email for any questions or changes. Peace :)

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There might be room for a few Workshop descriptions to be printed in The Leaf. A workshop description is more likely to be published if it's 75 words or less. Also, please specify if your workshop requires darkness.
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