Orange Unified School District 2018-2019 Open Enrollment Request Form
The 2018-2019 O.U.S.D. priority order of enrollment is: (1) Resident students within the school’s boundary; (2) “Open Enrollment” students who are continuing at that school; (3) New Open Enrollment requests, who are Children of district employees; (4) New Open Enrollment requests, who are Siblings of continuing students; (5) New open enrollment requests of students who reside in O.U.S.D. (6) Interdistrict transfers permit students who reside outside of the boundaries of O.U.S.D. “Open Enrollment” forms are to be submitted by clicking the submit button at the end of this form, during the designated “Open Enrollment Period, which will be held during March 05 – March 16, 2018.” Information on Open Enrollment is available in the main office at all school sites.

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Agreement Information:
When the requests at a school site exceed the number of available spaces, the student selection process shall be random and unbiased and in accordance with the requirements of California Education Code 35160.5. “Open Enrollment Forms” will be accepted based upon the guidelines delineated in Orange Unified School District’s Board Policy 5116.1.

1. This agreement remains in effect for the entire school year or until there is no longer space available for resident
students. Once the student is enrolled and attending, the students shall not be permitted to re-enroll in their school of
residence and shall remain in their school of choice for the duration of the 2018-2019 school year.
2. There is no guarantee for space availability for continuing students or for siblings of continuing students.
3. Space, programs and course(s) must be available.
4. Pupils currently residing in the school’s attendance area shall not be displaced by pupils transferring from outside the
attendance area.
5. During the school year, it may be necessary to revoke the “Open Enrollment” privilege to provide space for newly enrolled
resident students.
6. Parents must provide transportation to and from the requested school.
7. All students attending school on “Open Enrollment” are expected to maintain regular attendance and appropriate
8. Athletic eligibility rules for California Interscholastic Federation (C.I.F.) shall apply in all instances.
9. Once the school year begins and enrollment is finalized at each school site, the “2018-2019 Open Enrollment Period”
will end. Lottery list will not be carried over into the school year once enrollment has been established.

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