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The online platform will enable your organization to come in contact with new students! There will be a tab with all the different organizations, like yours, involved with studentlife in The Hague. From there you are going to be able to show information, pictures, videos and online events (livestreams and Q & A's). Directly with participants! We are still in progress of building the platform and we will keep you updated.

Notice: There are going to be costs involved with access to the platform. This is to cover parts of building the platform and due to the fact that accounts cost more money. A notification of the specific costs, for specific type of organizations of specific parts of access will be send out before the 1st of July.
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From the 1st of July: Organizations get their account from which they can acces the platform. They can edit their page and contact me for online events they want to host. There is also a offline introductory day for new students and there is a possibility that using the platform students can sign up for offline activities as well. More information will be send out soon!

Deadline 31st of July: All the information and event plans on the platform are to be finished.

HOPweek 2020: 17th - 21st of August
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