Legal Procurement Survey
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TOOLS - Does your organization use any of the below tools, or do you plan to use any of them within the next 12 months?
We currently use it
We plan to use it
ELM system(s)
eBilling software
“General” auction tech (e.g. SAP/Ariba)
Special legal auction/RFP tech
Contract management software
Workflow automation
Knowledge management/sharing tool
Reporting and analytics
TACTICS - Do you use any of the following tactics when evaluating law firms/legal services providers or do you plan to use any of them within the next 12 months?
We currently use it
We plan to use it
Developing sourcing criteria and purchasing strategies
Establishing a panel (preferred list of vendors)
Pre-matter scoping of work
Obtaining 2 or more quotes (but not full RFP)
Issuing RFPs
Running eAuctions
Negotiating discounts
Negotiating AFAs (not discounts)
Freezing rates (not allowing automatic annual rate increases)
Issuing and enforcing billing guidelines (Terms & Conditions)
Applying Legal Project Management
Conducting invoice audits
Conducting data analytics (spend and cost analyses)
Volume rebates
PRICING - Which approaches to pricing legal services do you use? What are your preferred pricing approaches?
We have used it in last 12 months (tick all that apply)
My top 3 favorite pricing models (pick 3)
Straight discounts
Volume discounts
Blended rates
Capped fees
Collared fee or risk collared arrangements
Outcome-dependent holdbacks
Contingency fee arrangements
Success fees
Fixed fees
Flat fees
Flat fees with shared savings
Fixed fee menus
Portfolio fixed fees
Fixed fees with articulated assumptions arrangement
Bundling arrangements
Subscriptions or retainers
VALUE-ADDS - What (free or highly discounted) value-adds do you currently receive from your providers? And which ones do you really value?
Get from firms and other providers
I (would) really value it
Hotline/access to experts for quick questions
Outside counsel’s/provider’s participation on internal calls
Conducting pre-matter planning sessions
Seminars and business-level training
Meeting rooms
Project manager(s)
Use of (innovative) technology
Business insights/root cause analysis
How important are each of these goals for you for the next 12 months? (1-5 scale, 5 being very important)
• Reduce legal spend
• Reduce the number of firms/providers
• Better management of legal work
• (Better) capture and analyze spend data
• Implement formal strategies and processes
• Insourcing legal activity
• Upskilling on cost management/ cost control
• Introducing new technology on key matters/projects
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