Neshani Press Questionaire
Congratulations on your purchase/receipt of a Neshani Press greeting card. Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think of the card(s).
What was your first impression of the Neshani Press card you received?
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What feature of the card most impressed you?
Was your Neshani Press card your first purchase/receipt of a greeting card in an African language?
Would you consider buying a Neshani Press greeting card?
Which African language(s) would you like to see on a Neshani Press greeting card?
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Based on your own assessment of the quality, design and feel of the Neshani Press card you purchased/received, what would you suggest as the selling price of the card?
*all dollars US
For which occasions do you most often buy cards?
On average, how many greeting cards to you buy per year? (across all categories)
In what format do you usually send greeting cards?
Where do you usually buy your greeting cards?
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Which country do you currently live in?
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