2020 Ricki Brown Librarian of the Year Award
This award of the Friends of the Abilene Public Library is conferred annually upon an Abilene librarian in recognition of outstanding leadership and accomplishment in library science. Nominations are sought and welcomed from the entire profession as well as trustees, administrators, officials colleagues, and citizens.

Self nominations and nominations by colleagues are invited.

Award Criteria - The successful candidate must:
-- Hold an MLS degree or be a certified school/media specialist
-- Be employed, at the time of selection, in any field of librarianship in Abilene, Texas

Nominations are open through October 30, 2020. Nominations will be adjudicated by the appointed committee of the Friends of the Abilene Public Library. Final announcement of the winner will be made in November during the Annual FOL Member Meeting on November 10th.

Recipients will receive recognition, a $500 financial award, and have their name listed on the Librarian of the Year commemorative plaque at the Abilene Public Library.
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Significant Contribution to Libraries in Abilene
Please address each of the questions below regarding the contributions and accompaniments of the nominee.

Each question is weighted the same. The ideal nominee will have made a contribution in each section.

The winner will be selected on the basis of outstanding achievement in the majority of the sections below.
Explain in detail, with examples, how the nominee makes a significant contribution in each of these areas.
Encouraging Reading *
How has the nominee encouraged reading and induced greater use of books and other library materials and information resources?
Value of Libraries *
How has the nominee demonstrated the value of libraries?
Enhancing Service *
How has the nominee enhanced and/or expanded library services to all areas and constituencies in the community? (Community can be defined as the city, a school campus, institution, etc.)
Positive Climate *
How has the nominee promoted an accessible and positive climate in the library?
Community Relations *
How has the nominee advanced community relations with the library?
New Program *
Describe a new library service or program the nominee has initiated within the past 18 months.
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