Toronto Trans Solidarity Network
The Toronto Trans Solidarity Network (TTSN) is a community fund and mutual aid network with the goal of providing some emergency help to trans folks in Toronto, so we can get through the next weeks and months of the COVID-19 crisis.

TTSN is brand new, and we're doing our best to coordinate mutual aid transparently and equitably. We're not a company or an institution – this is run by some trans people who have a bit of extra money, time, or resources and want to spread it around to those who need it. We will NEVER EVER share your information with anyone other than to connect you with someone who needs/is offering help through this network.

If you're interested in participating, contributing money, medication, or supplies, or NEED those things, please fill out this form and we'll do our best to connect you with someone else who's put in their info, or sort out what you need ourselves.

If at any time you need to ask something or get information about this project, please contact Cayce Fischer over or email at, or twitter DMs @autotectonic
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We are asking this ONLY because we need to make sure everyone in the network who needs help can get it while staying safe, and people who are offering help can provide it in the safest way possible
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