St. James High School Hall of Fame Nomination Form
St. James High School Hall of Fame Nomination Form - Deadline July 1, 2021

The St. James High School Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of past faculty, administration, students, student-athletes and coaches, who have promoted, enhanced or elevated the state of St. James High School and/or the former Magnolia High School. Hall of Fame candidates must have distinguished themselves in service and leadership by playing an active role in supporting St. James High School, or by achieving extraordinary levels of respect and success. The nominee must have demonstrated a strong commitment to the school's academic, athletic, or community success via one particular accomplishment or through a sustained and exemplary record of service and support over the course of many years. Hall of Fame nominees must be five years removed from position, competition or active coaching careers. Nominees for Professional Career must be at least 25 years past their high school graduation date. Please provide a photo(s) of the nominee from the past and present. (EMAIL TO: or bring to St. James High School Office of Student Services)
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