Get access to: Stratego Online (Beta)
Dear reader, it is happening! We, Wanted 5 Games, are working together with Jumbo to create a new version of Stratego Online! We are planning the launch of Stratego Online at the end of this year. Initially, we launch a Web version and an App store version (iOS and Android), but we are planning to add more distribution platforms in 2024. 

And...we would love to build Stratego Online, together with you!  

The initial version will focus on the basic gameplay, a tutorial, a piece pre-set system and a practice mode. After that, we will start adding more features to make the platform and the game cooler for everyone. For example; a ranking system, a tournament mode, special championships, etc. 

In order to be able to create the best Stratego Online experience, we would love to get feedback from the people who also love the game, just like us. Don't worry, we won't spam you on a daily base, but you can expect the following in the coming months:
- access to the beta version (expected beginning of August)
- one or more questionnaires to get your feedback and/or opinion
- sneak peaks on the game, art and set up

Fill out your email address below to receive access to the beta version of Stratego. 
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