Your interview experience
This is your chance to help make the Oxbridge application process fairer
What is this?
🖥 Last year we started a free, student-written, student-run project to share the application experiences of students (over 700 so far).

⚖ The aim is to make the system fairer by demystifying the process for those without access to first-hand advice.
What do we need?
⏰ 10 minutes of your time (this could genuinely be the most productive/socially impactful 10 minute procrastination session of your life).

🖊 We want to know what your interview experience was like. Especially the interesting stuff about how you felt, how you prepared, and what your advice might be for others. Then we can make this public and make sure everyone goes into the application process with the information they need to do themselves justice.
Top tips
🕵 Please don't write things which could allow people to personally identify you (e.g. “I was the only person to do Theology at Corpus Christi in my year”) or that are potentially ‘sensitive’ (e.g. your political views in the context of a politics interview). If you do, we'll have to remove them - but you can still create a personal vibe without providing identifying info!

👍 Remember the website is for people who might not usually apply to Oxbridge - so whilst being honest, remember to be encouraging and friendly too!

💡 We've put 'content ideas' above some written sections. They're there to help guide your responses, but feel free to go beyond them if you have the time!

❤️ Finally: thanks so much for doing this - it’s your submissions that make this project work.

P.S. If you filled out the InsideUni (or Oxbridge.Help) survey last year you don't need to fill out this one. But thanks for enthusiastically clicking here again!
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