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Thank you for completing this survey as it will help us plan for future fundraisers.
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If we organized a fundraiser to help defray your seasonal registration costs, would you want to participate? For example, if we organized something like a fundraiser selling WAWA hoagie certificates and rowers would get a credit toward their registration fee for each one they sold. Would you participate? OR it could look something like a "gofundme" type of drive. Only rowers who participate would benefit from this type of fundraiser.
We are planning a "drop & shop" fundraiser for Black Friday - November 29. This would involve rowers doing activities with younger students (Grades k-5) at the GVCO basketball courts from 5-9pm. This has the potential to raise considerable funds but we would need all available rowers to help out with a shift. Would your rower be available to donate their time for this fundraising event? We need a headcount of volunteers to determine how many kids we can accommodate.
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Do you have any suggestions or fundraiser ideas?
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Blue Jean Ball - November 16, 2019
Please plan to attend and direct any leads on donations for the Blue Jean Ball raffle or auction to Jennifer Grobe (jjgrobe@aol.com) or Marcy Schell (marcella.schell@ogc.upenn.edu).
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