Individual Sessions with Georgina Peard
Thank you for your interest and trust, requesting a session with me. I wish to respond in service to your motivation and needs so this form will help you reflect and refine these before we meet, and give me some insight to prepare and hold a safe container for you.

Respond as best you can, from your heart, with what comes in the moment, and we will discuss further when we meet.

This information is completely confidential and only for me to see in relation to this session. There are no trick questions and you can change your mind later of course, and modify anything when we meet. If you do not feel comfortable to answer any question, please just write that.

Thank you. I look forward to supporting you.
Georgina / 0041 79 219 4407
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Any episodes, and/or current medication for psychiatric or emotional conditions. (e.g. depression, anxiety, burnout, psychosis, bi-polar disease, obsessive compulsive behaviour, eating disorders, addictions)? *
Do you feel your body holding any unintegrated trauma? Have you experienced in your life any physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse? Please explain briefly, including any therapeutic processes. *
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