Request To Change Membership
Please complete this form to request a change to your membership with Community CarShare. You have three options regarding your membership; changing your rate plan, going on hold or fully ending your membership.

Change Your Rate Plan
If you're on a $8/month plan and finding your driving is too expensive, just let us know that you want to get better driving rates and switch to Regular Plan ($40/month).

If you're on a $40/month plan and you're finding the monthly fee too much, consider changing to the Occasional Plan at $8/month

On Hold
If you simply do not need your membership at this time you may also go 'on hold' for the beginning of the next month. While on hold there are no monthly fees and you may reactivate at any time. There is no fee for this option, however if you are on hold for more than 1 year members are subject to a one-time $15 reactivation fee. Members can only go on hold once per year.

When fully ending your membership your account will be terminated and your member loan will be applied to any outstanding balances. If there is a credit remaining on your account, a refund will be issued. If you choose to return to Community CarShare you will need to reapply.

Community CarShare's billing cycle closes at the end of the month so your final invoice will be issued the first week of the following month. All outstanding charges must be settled when terminating your account. Once your account is closed a refund cheque is issued to the last address on file. If you need assistance in this matter a staff member would be happy to help.

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