Access ticket application
UPDATE 9 AUG 2018: Access places for Summer House 2018 sold out, event nearly sold out.

Feel free to apply for access places to Winter House 2019 or Summer House 2019

These mostly range between £50 and £150 for Summer House (not inc food) and start at £95 for Winter House (inc food.) In exceptional circumstances we may sometimes offer free tickets. In all cases these places are limited in number and not guaranteed.

We request that you describe your situation to help us allocate places. Please note that your details are kept entirely confidential. It may take weeks or months to get a reply to you. If you haven't heard back, feel free to chase

Examples of where we consider applications include but are not limited to:
- Disability, chronic illness or anything that makes the event more expensive to attend than for some guests
- Significant financial hardship / long term unemployed
- Experiencing significant life changes
- Member of a marginalised group
- Single parents or carer

**Please only apply if it would be impossible for you otherwise to attend the event**. This helps save places for those in the most need. For The Summer House, another avenue is to volunteer (we don't have volunteer places at The Winter House.)

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(Summer House only) Do you require food? If so do you have any dietary requirements
We don't offer food as standard but in certain circumstances may offer discounts
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There may be situations where we cannot allocate access places but if you wish we can contact you about volunteering
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