CDCI 395 Newing Leadership Course & Internship Application
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The Newing Leadership Course will combine a classroom experience (2 credits) with an internship that involves participation in area-wide traditions, events, and community service. Course participants must be living in Newing College in the Spring 2019 semester. Approved participants will be automatically enrolled in the course.

This course/internship is designed to help break down the concept of leadership into its core components so that students can identify, analyze, and develop the skills and attributes necessary to be an effective leader. Participants will complete 60 hours of service-learning, in addition to weekly class attendance.

The Newing Leadership Course, CDCI 395 days and times will be Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM in C4 MPR Room 114 D. The first day of class will be January 23, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to request general CDCI academic credit for this internship, undergraduate students must contact once you have been hired/selected. IF you want credit through your department/major, please contact your academic department.

Please contact Ryan Roosa, with questions.

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