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We can't wait to see you at our programs over virtual camp!
Please register so that we can get an idea of expected attendance for the various activities. DON'T WORRY -REGISTERING DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO ATTEND any of the programming, it just gives us an idea of who is interested in some of our peulot (activities). We ask that you please fill out one form per camper.
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We WILL BE mailing out Prizes to the winners of all of the competitions! Please provide your mailing address:
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Each morning will begin with Tefila and a Shiur geared towards younger chanichim (campers). In the evening, after our night tochniot (activity), we will have chaburot for older chanichim. How likely are you to participate in Shacharit at 9:00am CST? *
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How likely are you to participate in evening Chaburot for high school chanichim and tzevet at 8:15pm CST? *
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If we were to offer chugim (electives) every Wednesday after morning peulot, which chug would you be interested in?
Below you will see our Schedule for the month! Please indicate which peulot look most interesting to you! Keep in mind that morning peulot begin at 9:50am CST and night tochniot begin at 7:30pm CST. (Please note that the first Touring Tuesday will be LIVE from Israel at 11:00am CST.) Indicating here does not lock you in, it just gives us a better idea of who we will see and how to prepare for you. Peulot that say LIVE will be held live on zoom and peulot that don't indicate they are live will be pre-recorded with tasks to follow. *
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For the camper: I agree to act with respect to all participants and tzevet. I will not participate in any bullying, the use of bad language, racial taunts, gender taunts, religious taunts or any other inappropriate behavior. I acknowledge that doing so, or any act deemed by Moshava Wild Rose as being inappropriate or antithetical to its beliefs, can result in not being allowed to participate or attend any future Moshava Wild Rose events or programming. Please sign your name
Parents, please read the terms and conditions: 1. I am fully aware and understand that online counselors are unable to actually supervise the campers and that all supervision responsibilities fall to the parents. 2. Our home is suitable for the activities being presented. 3. While Camp Moshava will be using different platforms to deliver content we cannot guarantee the security or efficacy of these platforms. Parents are responsible for cyber-security. 4. INTERACTION and CONTACT between staff and campers outside of the presentations, including any in person, electronic, social media or other contact is not recommended. If the parent learns of any attempts by either the staff member or the camper to do so they must notify Camp. 5. Only registered campers may participate in Machane Moshava Wild Rose Virtual camp activities. 6. I hereby give Camp Moshava permission to use pictures and video images of my child for publicity materials and on the camp's Web site. 7. Parents and campers are prohibited from making their own recordings or taking any pictures of any of the virtual programs that are taking place. 8. Camp Moshava Wild Rose and it’s employees recognize their role as mandated reporters, and if during the sessions they hear or see anything that raises a reasonable suspicion they are required to contact the appropriate authorities. Please sign:
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