2020 Tuition Rollover, Donation, Or Refund Form
Turnip the Beet is committed to giving full refunds for Summer 2020 programming to all families who want them. Our customer's comfort and safety is of our foremost concern at this time, and our intent is to give refunds to any family that wants one, as funds become available. We’re also offering the opportunity to roll over your Summer 2020 payment and be guaranteed a spot for Summer 2021. Doing this would lock in this year’s tuition price for next summer. Those who choose to roll over will receive a link and password to participate in virtual lessons this summer as well, which we will begin hosting in Mid-June.

Summer programming makes up 70% of our income annually and Turnip the Beet has had to continue to pay our overhead costs and utilities during the time we have been shut down during the pandemic (beginning in March), thus this, combined with zero revenue during what is usually our biggest enrollment period, has severely depleted our resources.

Because of this, we would welcome all or any part of your tuition payment as a contribution to Turnip the Beet to help during this difficult period. We will apply any contributions to a recovery fund for the following purposes:

•Sustain the Turnip the Beet vision and mission;
•Help Turnip the Beet retain staff during the year to develop new initiatives for Turnip the Beet for the future;
•Maintain communications with our community as we all work through the year.
•Ability to create at home learning kits, provide virtual learning opportunities, and continue to have an online and social media presence during the time we are shut down.
•Create a staff hardship fund for long time staff when there are no campers/students;
•Add to the camp and class scholarship funds for the coming years as families recover from the economic
fallout from Coronavirus;

Below you will find a form to complete to delineate your wishes;

We require and appreciate all the support you can give, please consider donating what you can to help us continue our mission. We want children to find a wellspring of self-esteem and confidence and discover the joy of cooking, while also obtaining the basic educational and culinary skills that come from being in the kitchen.

If you have any questions, please contact info@turnipthebeetlou.com. You will receive confirmation of your choices in the coming weeks.
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