Taxes - Reading Comprehension - CLB3
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For most people, the biggest tax you pay is income tax. This is the tax you pay on the money you make from working. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the federal government office in charge of all income tax. The CRA collects taxes for the federal government and for the provincial government. Each year, you must tell CRA how much money you made. You report your income on a tax form called an income tax return. Many people make money in other ways. Some have a business. Some get money from renting a house or apartment. Some get money from investments. If you get money in these ways, you have to report it the Canada Revenue Agency. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information Taken from:
1. What is the biggest tax most people pay?
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2. The Canada Revenue Agency collects _________ from all residents in Canada.
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3. What is the name of the form for reporting taxes?
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4. What are other ways people make money? (Check ALL that apply.)
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